Principal's message
Welcome to our website. We are launching our website at a time when the school has recorded the best results in K.C.S.E 2015, this demonstrates as our motto “lead the way” it’s possible to even attain better than this . It’s a clear indicator what good discipline, strategic and tactical plans can bear where founding father late Fr.J. Rossi and a host of principals before me especially Mr. Gichangi.J. Aspired to raise this school to be holistic development of the student. We acknowledge God as the good team work lead by the sponsor , the catholic church , the B.O.M members , teachers , support staff ,parents , the alumnae and other stake holders especially the local community that provide a suitable environment for good education and all round development of the students as our mission states: let’s use this platform to inspire Keru B students to be the future leaders we want. Our journey has first started, there for input on the site can inspire, motivate and nurture our students it’s my believe that this platform will help this institution develop to an institution of repute and model in the county and beyond. Thank you and God bless you.
The Principal
Muthee L.M

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