The School Bakery

It is a long journey of success envisioned in the school strategic plan 2011 – 2018. The Principal John Gichangi (retired) with the assistance of well able B.O.M. actualized the much awaited project. With the little saving the school had made from the school farm, the project became operational in January 2014. The school has 2 ovens which use firewood, the mixer and a bread improver. The current production per day is enough to feed over 950 students per day and all our teaching and support staff. Due to the quality of our baking, neighbouring school have shown interest in our product. The school has realized a lot of saving from this project,the proceeds gotten have been used to supplement the parents’ contribution in the construction of school dining hall.


  • The school intends to diversify and starts buns, birthday and wedding cakes baking and increase on our production so as to start commercial production.
  • To have brand name of our bread, and due to this it will enable us to sell our bread all over the country.
  • The school to have an electrical oven so as to increase the quality of our production.
  • Follows us our servcies