Deputy principal message
It is a great previlage for me to work in the role of a deputy principal of this excellent school, kerugoya boys high school. With vast experience as a teacher I have been equipped with rich variety of intellectual , social , inter –personal, spiritual and emotional understanding and skills thati am willing to use and share with my students and fellow colleagues to upright the stardard of kerugoya boys. Kerugoya boys is a place of great hospitality, engagement, high standards in learning and behavior.

Our boys stand on three D’s Discipline Dignity and Diligence as they pursue academic excellence. The dedication of our staff is tangible i.e. Staff care about students learning and achievements so that their life chances are optimal. Our staff are involved in extra-curriculum and co-curricular activities to ensure an all-round education for our students. ,our staff spend countless hours on planning , revising evaluating , researching , adapting to new technologies and integrating further system demands and teaching methodologies. We are blessed to have staff who have the best interest of students at heart and who can go an extra mile to ensure that their chances of success and happiness is maximized. The students themselves have the school at heart, which creates an atmosphere of friendliness, welcome, calm, fun and respect both in class and on the corridors. We are incredibly proud of our students in our school. Their academic and sporting success is always to be welcomed, but so too are the moments of kindness, consideration, affirmation and helpfulness that students engage in with one another and with the staff. The parents and the B.O.M must also be acknowledged for selfless contribution to the students.

Their contribution is essential to the success of the school and it permeates the smooth running of the school. Finally no school can operate without the commitment to leadership. It is a great privilege for me to work in the capacity of the deputy principal with such a visionary, energetic and enthusiastic principal Mr. Muthee. Our principal vision for the school and his ability to lead that vision, and be a leader of learning in the school is both admirable and inspirational. Under his leadership, students in kerugoya boys are ,in no doubt of the high standards that are expected in both behavior and in their own personal achievements weather in sports, academics and life in general . It is an honour to work among the vibrancy of our students, dedication of our staff, parents, B.O.M and the inspiration leadership of our principal . Together we can make a significance impact on the quality of our students lives and their life chances , in the spirit of our mission statement we will work togetherin a spirit of truth to nourish the gift of each student made in the image of God. let that be at the heart of all we do in Kerugoya boys and we will know that we have played our part in allowing the great kerugoya boys tradition to be embedded for generations to come.

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